Final Project

Final Project:

1) A video report that is no longer than two minutes. It must have at least 3 soundbites from 3 sources and 3 audio tracks with b-roll.

2) A package of 10-15 photos with captions.

3) A 400-450 word article on one aspect of your topic.  It can be a profile of someone, it can be a straight news article or it can be an opinion piece about your topic.  Must use at least two human sources, including quotes, and two non-human sources to back up your facts/opinions.

4) A Storify of tweets and other social media entries on the topic, composed in a way that adds relevant and new information about the story.

5) An infographic on one aspect of the story that includes at least 3 sections with 3 different sets of numbers on your topic.

6) Five tweets about your project and your topic from each group member.  You should be tweeting them as you work on the project and then save the final one to let your followers know the link to the final project.  The tweets can be about what it is like to work on the project or talking about what you learned.  Remember they shouldn’t all only promote your project.  Use @ChristalRoberts in your tweets.

7) Put crowdsourcing to work and gather quotes/info via this useful method.

8) Tweet a link to the final project.

Notes about Final Project:

  • Must be submitted on your blog site the date it’s due, no later
  • All items need to be crisp and clear on the blog site – no random HTML, no random link postings, no disorderly work.
  • Remember to use AP style.
  • Must include all parts or substantial points will be taken off
  • Must be clear, concise with a topic Prof. Roberts approves before hand
  • Total project accounts for 20 percent of your total semester grade
  • A goal here is to provide you with one massive working multimedia clip that you can present future employers for jobs or internships

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