Class Schedule


The following schedule is approximate and may change throughout the semester depending on guest speakers, out-of-class lectures or anything else that arises.

Tuesday, September 3 – Meet for 10 Minutes

-Brief introduction to the class and professor

-Hand out syllabus

At-Home Assignment:

-Establish a website, a Twitter account, Dropbox, Instapaper and Storify accounts

Reading:  Online: Basic writing tips, and Online: Interviewing Techniques,

Reading:  Journalism Next – Forward, Preface, introduction and Chapter 2 (Blogging for Better Journalism)

Thursday, September 5 – NO CLASS 

Tuesday, September 10

-Introduction:  the class, professor, students, syllabus

-Review of current state of the news industry, journalism, ethics and reporting

-Web writing techniques

-Go over

-Discussion of blogs and their role in the news industry

-Review “He Said/She Said” handout

-Review AP Style Crib Sheet handout

Thursday, September 12

-More on blogging and journalism

-Continue going over

-Continue discussion of the variety of writing online

-Differences between a news story and an opinion piece

At-Home Assignment:

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 4 (Microblogging and Social Media)

-Blog Post:  Interview at least two people about news topic TBD and write a news story about some aspect of the topic. Post it online and use at least 2 quotes from 2 different people in the post.  Include 3 relevant links to other articles in the post.

Tuesday, September 17

-Discussion of microblogging, Twitter searches, liveblogging

-Writing distinctive “About” pages

At-Home Assignment:

-Work on making your blog’s look distinctive:  add a header, a blogroll

-Write a distinctive “About” page.

 Thursday, September 19

-Introduction to Storify

-Managing and gathering information online

-Bringing order to your work, contacts, etc.

At-Home Assignment:

-Blog Post:  Create a story using Storify on a topic TBD.

-Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 5 (Going Mobile)

Come to the next class with a written list of five apps, websites or tools you use to read and organize news websites, blogs or watch video.  If you don’t know of any, do a little research to come up with five. 

Tuesday, September 24

Quiz #1 – News and AP Style

-Review Storify assignment

-Discussion of apps and website tools for journalists

-Mobile storytelling and checking legitimacy of sources

Thursday, September 26

-Refresher on the difference between opinion and news writing

In Class Exercises: 

-Find out the facts

-Opinion writing exercise

At-Home Assignment:

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 6 (Storytelling with photographs)

10% Assignment #1: Write a 400-450 word opinion post on a topic of your choice.  Use 2 quotes from 2 different human sources and at least 2 facts with links to show where you got them. 

Tuesday, October 1

-Intro to digital photography. We will look at several examples of photo essays and the use of still photos in news stories in print and online.

-Discussion of the ethics of still photography and photo manipulation.

 Thursday, October 3

-More on digital photography, software and apps, captions

-Introduction to and related photography websites

At-Home Assignment:

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 11 (Building a digital audience for news)

– Blog Post:  Gather information from the web on a topic that interests you and write a 400-word report on a trend related to that issue, including hyperlinks to relevant online articles and quotes from outside sources. (At least three hyperlinks and three quotes.) Include two of your own photos to go with post.

Tuesday, October 8

-More on and photo essays

-Discussion of what goes into building a digital news audience

-Page views, unique visitors, SEO and Google Analytics and why journalists need to know about all of these 

At-Home Assignment:

-Take a series of 10-15 photos that tell a story.

-Bring those photos to class on Thursday to work on with

Thursday, October 10

In Class Exercise:

-Work on VuVox photo essay.

At-Home Assignment:

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 10 (Managing news as conversation)

-10% Assignment #2: Complete photo-essay for your blog. It should include 7-8 still photos with captions and a short 200-300 word essay to accompany the story.

Tuesday, October 15

-Review photo essay assignment

-Discussion of news as conversation

-Global Voices and niche social media

At-Home Assignment:

Social Media Assignment: join a niche social media website: Monitor the site online or via app, join a conversation, forum or comment thread, then write down 5 significant things you’ve learned about the site that could help you as a journalist, and why it would be a good resource. 

Thursday, October 17

-Discuss social media assignment

In Class Exercise:  Managing Editor exercise

At-Home Assignment:

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 7 (Audio Journalism)

-Blog Post:  TBD including three photos with appropriate captions.

Tuesday, October 22

-Introduction to audio journalism and what makes a good audio report

-Examples of radio reports and podcasts

-An introduction to Audacity and Soundslides 

Thursday, October 24

-More on audio journalism, Audacity and Soundslides

At-Home Assignment: Conduct an audio interview of someone about his or her job.  Take at least 20 photos of your subject at their job.  Make the photos “web ready.”

Tuesday, October 29

Quiz # 2 -News/Reading quiz

In Class Exercise:

-Bring your audio interview to class and be prepared to edit it in class using Audacity.

-Also bring your corresponding “web ready” photos.

Thursday, October 31

In Class Exercise:

-Continue working on audio report using Audacity and Soundslides

At-Home Assignment:

Reading: Shooting Video for the Web  (

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 8 (Video Journalism)

-10% Assignment #3: Audio Project:  Complete Soundslides project, write an intro and post the links and intro on your blog

Tuesday, November 5

 -Introduction to video journalism

-Discussion of video journalism: cameras, audio, shooting techniques, MOS

-Demo of editing software

At-Home Assignment:

-Liveblog election night coverage.

Thursday, November 7

-More on video and video packages

-Introduction to AVID editing software

At-Home Assignment:

Video Project: Shoot MOS interviews on a topic TBD

-Bring in MOS footage to Tuesday’s class to work with in class

-Blog Post:  TBD including three photos with appropriate captions. 

Tuesday, November 12

In Class Exercise:

-Work with AVID on MOS video 

Thursday, November 14

At-Home Assignment:

Assignment #4In teams of 2, write, shoot and edit one 1:00-1:30 video package using at least 3 reporter tracks and 3 video interviews.

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 9 (Data-Driven Journalism)

Cool Infographics:

Infographics basic tips:

-Final Project Proposal:  Meet with your final project group and write up a 150-200 word proposal for your final project that includes multimedia elements you would use and why the story is topical and relevant.

Tuesday, November 19 

Quiz # 3 -News/Reading quiz

-Discuss final project proposals individually

-Discussion of data-driven journalism

-Discussion of infographics and how they are used to help tell stories

Thursday, November 21

In Class Exercise: research a data set on a current trend and create an infographic to illustrate that trend.

At-Home Assignment:

Assignment 5:  Complete your infographic, write an accompanying 300-350 word post and publish both on your website.

Reading:  Journalism Next – Chapter 1 (We are all web workers)

Tuesday, November 26

-Review of infographics assignment

-Building a website from scratch and why you should know how

-Demonstration of how HTML code displays what you see on the web.

At-Home Assignment:

-Reading: Journalism Next – Chapter 3 (Crowdsourcing)

-Blog Post: TBD 


Tuesday, December 3

-Discuss crowdsourcing and why it’s important.

In Class Assignment:  Use crowdsourcing techniques on personal Twitter and Facebook pages in class Tuesday and see if you get results by Thursday.

Thursday, December 5

-Discuss results of crowdsourcing assignment

-Review of topics from the semester

-Discuss resumes, self-marketing, cover letters, internships, the journalism market, finding a job/career

At-Home Assignment: Work on final project.

-Blog Post: Using material gathered via crowdsourcing on your personal social media accounts, write a 300-400-word story about your topic.

Tuesday, December 10 – LAST REGULAR CLASS

-Last class evaluations

-Work on final projects in class

Thursday, December 12 – NO CLASS Study Day

Tuesday, December 17 – FINAL CLASS

-Presentations of final projects



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