About the Professor

Journalism is a business that’s changing at lightening speed.  But no matter the changes, journalism has always been and will always be about telling stories.

Whether it’s with pen and paper, a laptop, a smartphone or an iPad, I love telling stories, and the digital world of the Internet presents an exciting and challenging opportunity for journalists to reach out to their readers and viewers in new ways.

I’m Professor Christal Roberts and I’m excited to be teaching Journalism Tools this semester.  After many years working as a video editor, I decided to learn all I could about the radically changing face of journalism and the tools required to navigate that world.

That search led me to Hofstra University, and after three years I earned my M.A. in journalism, and gained a new respect for what it takes to be a working journalist today.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to exploring this brand new world with you in Journalism Tools.


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